5 Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

So, you have narrowed down your list of wedding photographers. The remaining photographers on your list have met all of your general wedding photog expectations: they suit your budget, they have glowing reviews on all of the bridal websites, you love their sample work, AND they are available on your wedding day! Eureka! So, how do you choose? How do you select that one photographer that will best tell your wedding story? When perusing photographers sample work, you may want to ask yourself the following questions to assist you in making your final decision and in hiring your ONE wedding story-teller!

#1.  Which photographer best captures those special moments that are unique to each wedding? 

The difference between a GOOD wedding photographer and a really GREAT photographer is his or her ability to capture moments that are unique to each personal ceremony.  These are the shots that are not posed but “captured” in the real-life, one-of-a-kind moments of each wedding.  When reviewing the photography of wedding photographers, ask yourself, “Are these pictures that I can see anywhere else?”


 #2.  Does the work of this photographer tell a wedding story? Does it evoke emotion?

Amazing photographs tell a story and evoke feelings. They do not even need a caption or a storyline; they can tell their own story! Peruse through samples of various wedding photographers. Can you imagine a story or a narrative for each photo?   


#3. Does the photographer’s portfolio contain some unique, drama-filled photos? 

In the photography world, it is a successful photographer that can create sone drama in each wedding portfolio. While not all of one’s wedding album will or should contain drama-filled photos (i.e. family photos), it is important to procur a photographer that can create a few wedding shots that seem to be so unique and dramatic that they stand out from the rest.  Every bride and groom love having one or two pictures that literally jump off of the page of the wedding album and get everyone talking!


#4.  Does the work of the photographer celebrate life?

No bride and groom strive to have a boring wedding. On the contrary, they want a wedding that celebrates family, friends, and life!  When deciding on the perfect wedding photographer, ask yourself, “Do his or her photos depict a wedding celebration that reflects life, love, and laughter?”

#5.  Does the work of this photographer infuse color?

While every photographer has different editing and artistic preferences, it is important that every wedding portfolio contains some pops of color.  While some bride and grooms (and photographers) prefer a more muted palette, it is crucial to still have some pops of color interwoven within wedding photographs.  To avoid a really dull wedding photo portfolio, it is important to infuse pops of color by incorporating colors from nature, setting backdrops, or maybe even a lip color!